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Improve customer interaction with Sitecore without long development times.


Discover now how insurance, industrial and pharmaceutical companies increase their customer loyalty.

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Max. 3 new clients per month

Our adventures in the jungle of business life

15+ Sitecore Projects

in the insurance, industrial, pharmaceutical and public sectors

18+ years experience

in the Digital- and IT-industry as an employee, freelancer and entrepreneur

36,000+ hours

Hours of close consulting and development for corporations with Digital- and IT products.


180+ agile Sprints

Go through an agile project management setup

Do you have the feeling that your Sitecore project is not really progressing?

Sprints have a lot of spillover.

The results are a long time coming. Stakeholders are angry. The team becomes increasingly dissatisfied. Specification is insufficient.


Your project is in trouble?

Everything, but everything, goes wrong. Bad atmosphere in the team. Lots of meetings. No availability.


You have been looking for developers for 6 months or more...

The only 2 applications were from the employment office and you really don't want them.


It doesn't work out with the offshore team in India?

The components are not as desired. Communication is difficult. The UAT is rarely accessible and does not have the productive content?


You know personalisation only from the demo

There is no concept for personalisation and hardly any meaningful impulses come from the experts.


You have high technical debts

The KPIs and metrics on the dashboard are deep red? New major and critical issues are added with every sprint?


Processes & Systems - What is that?

Everything is kind of chaotic and nothing really works. The build failed and nobody cares. The test automation hasn't run for months.

You hardly use the Sitecore features.

You only use 5% of the Sitecore XM/XP features? The whole potential is lying fallow?


IT jargon. Many abbreviations

ASP, CDP, PIM, Rendering, Item, Rule Engine, MA --> You don't get it at all.

Your publishers and authors are discouraged to continue working with Sitecore

It takes a long time until the content is ready. The components are not mature. Rumours of a system change are doing the rounds.


You only know marketing automation from the demo

Everything is cool in the demo. But the implementation fails. Cool feature, but no one really knows how to use it.

Scaling - that does not work

You want to accelerate, but there are hardly any resources. "No time" - The mantra of the 21st century

Whereby does the diamondcode help you with its advice?

Plannable projects WITHOUT unhappy stakeholders

We bring structure to your project with agile project management. With decades of experience in the Digital- and IT industry as an employee, freelancer and entrepreneur.

Scaling of your resources WITHOUT long waiting times

We have a large network at home and abroad and can thus quickly onboard the right profiles.


Lived processes & systems WITHOUT chaos & burnout

Everything runs in an orderly fashion. We adhere to Scrum values such as courage, commitments and transparency.


Bringing your project back under control WITHOUT new staff changes

Sitecore projects can become very large and complicated. We help you to keep the overview.


Get the best out of your Sitecore NOW.

Finally use meaningful workflows, personalisation, marketing automation, goals and much more.


Train your publishers WITHOUT a slide battle

Not just a boring documentary. We give you pro tips from publishers who have been working with the system for 14+ years.

Industry boost: Successes from insurance, industry, pharmaceuticals & co.

Time to market from 90 to 8 days after 4 months of cooperation


  • Poorly operable system
  • Resources and staff were not used ideally
  • 3 months to get 1 content page through workflow


  • Time to market reduced by 70 % through process optimisation and training
  • Higher productivity and motivation of staff through internal processes and systems
  • More fun through team events and A3 Sprint review reports


100K+ CHF cost savings through migration after 6 months of collaboration


  • Two Sitecore instances causing high licence and server costs
  • Development unnecessary and expensive due to chosen setup
  • Resources and staff were not used ideally
  • Operational instead of being involved in the day-to-day business of the customers


  • Cost saving of several 100K per year due to the merger
  • Upgrade and migration to a Sitecore 9.3 instance
  • Higher productivity and motivation of employees through internal processes and systems
  • Faster time to market through simplified deployment

Modern coat of paint including form solution after 6 months of cooperation


  • The aging website had barely generated any leads.
  • The old website was becoming more and more expensive to maintain due to technical debts
  • Resources and staff were not being used ideally


  • Upgrade and relaunch to Sitecore 10.2
  • Large form solution from BSI integrated.
  • Higher productivity and motivation of employees through internal processes and systems.
  • Faster time-to-market through simplified deployment

Together we will make your Sitecore project a success and turn it into an indispensable platform for your customers and employees!

Step 1: Find an appointment

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Step 2: Prepare

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Step 3: Initial interview - 15-min

In the 15-minute initial interview, we find out your AI score and what your bottlenecks are.


Find out your AI score NOW

Max. 3 new clients per month